Culture and History: A trip to the British Museum Part 2

As previously stated in part one, this museum is simply MASSIVE. So we ended up having to break it up into two days. The first day we hit all of the second floor and this time we hit all of the first floor. I wanted to hit the Chinese Exhibit, but sadly it was closed this time around.


As we walked through the history, we enjoyed the interesting artifacts that could only be found here. Once we finished the first floor, we decided to take in a beautiful exhibit about the sunken ports of Egypt. Because it was a special exhibit, photography and video was strictly prohibited… however I did manage a few shots before I was busted.

If you ever get the chance and find yourself in London, I would HIGHLY recommend checking this amazing museum out. It is free for admission though they do accept donations. Some of their more special exhibits do cost however, but it is worth it.

I do apologize for the lateness of this weeks post, but as I stated on Twitter I am in the process of a move. Now to get back to unpacking so… many… boxes.

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