Some Southern Sound in the UK: featuring and interview with Thomas and Theresa

While enjoying the food during Noshville, I had a lovely relaxing moment to sit on the grassy steps by the canal in Granary Square, laying back to bask in the sun. At the same time, some Southern American music streamed through the speakers. This almost made me forget that I was actually in the UK and not back home for a moment. It was great to hear some Southern sound reaching me across the pond, thanks to the Maverick Festival.

The Maverick Festival is a celebration of Americana and roots music from both sides of the Atlantic, presenting music performances, film & workshops, and featuring over forty different artists across five stages indoors and out. They gave a little taste of what their full Festival was like( held at
Easton Farm Park in Suffolk) during Noshville.

There were quite a few bands and artists playing there that I have not heard of, but all were talented and gave me a sense of nostalgia for home. But one band stuck out for me and allowed me to meet a friendly duo from my side of the US; Thomas Townsley and Theresa Romero. The Louisiana roots Singer/Songwriter band with Milo Records New Orleans were nice enough to take some time after their performance to chat with me about being in the UK at an American Festival. We laughed, reminiscence about home, and discussed different things they have experienced. Theresa and I even chatted while keeping cool with an icy watermelon margarita.

I enjoyed them and their music so much that I am currently already jamming out to “The Hardest Thing” while powering through my Pepsi fueled blogging stint.  And Truthfully, I look forward to a day when I can run into these two again.

You can check out their work on their official site, on Facebook and on Twitter as well as their songs and albums on Spotify or Google Play.

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