Keep this Phoenix Flying

If you want to read more adventure stories, get more travel tips, see more videos, and learn about more remote, incredible, exotic locales, here is what you can do… DONATE


$3 buys me a trip to Central London for many photographs and history to share about my new home.


$10 is plenty for street food I can photograph and write about


$20 can send me to the MANY festivals around the city where I can meet interesting locals and share it


$150 can get me a ferry to spend 3 days in Ireland for me and Honey to experience some historical ruins


$300 funds a weekend trip to France to enjoy some gourmet food and wine


$500 flies me to Spain to experience a rich culture and festive locals


$1000 funds an entire month of travel in most countries in the world


Thank you always for offering the greatest donation of all by simply coming here and reading allowing this Phoenix to find her wings and keep flying. 😀 I can not express any better the gratitude I feel. ❤

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