Noshing it up at NOSHVILLE

The past weekend I was invited to check out another festival. So bring on NOSHVILLE, a mix of food and music celebrating American Southern culture. Being originally from the south, I was quite interested in seeing what the Brits thought was considered American Southern culture. Not too surprising to see a lot of fried chicken places, but that was not all.

I started my day off right with some of the tastiest donuts I have had in London. And if you know me, you know I love me some donuts! Vicky’s Donuts is a bakery in East London that specializes in handmade, raised donuts using only the very best ingredients. All donut flavors are a combination of classic favorites and inventive originals, and the one and only Vicky herself have handcrafted each recipe. I ended up digging into a Golden Delicious, and just as the name implies, it was simply delicious!

I enjoyed my donut and grabbed myself a watermelon margarita from Cocktails while walking around, taking in the different music and spectacles that Kerb had to offer. Bubbles floated through the air as kids chased them around in the sunshine, and people took their chances on the mechanical bull.


There was even a wing eating contest and let me tell you that was something to see. Check it out for yourself below!

As lunch time came around I went on exploring my opinions and as usual KERB did not disappoint in the selection.

With all the choices it was hard to pick but Hank’s Po BoysΒ caught my eye with their Lil’ Shrimpy and Cajun fries. The flavors melted in my mouth and for a moment I swear I was back home!

Taking a seat on the grassy steps by the water, I chowed down and enjoyed the lived music coming out of the speakers. The food hit the spot and bought my tastebuds a wonderful sense of nostalgia for home. Taking in the sunshine, I closed my eyes and listened to guitars’ sounds, and was that a Mandolin? Well, that will have to wait for next week’s post as I talk about the great music and artists at the festival and even catch an interview with one of the bands! Stay tuned. πŸ˜€


  1. You had such a good day with lots of grub and drinks. Okay, so I have to try Vicky’s Donut when I’m in London and the watermelon drink was too cute. Hope you ate the watermelon!

    • I did and it had absorbed like a bunch of the Alcohol because I saved it for last lol Be sure to let Vicky know that CJ from Phoenix Writings sent ya. She will love it lol

  2. Damn, I missed it. Did you see any crab cakes and/or have you had any good ones in London. Love a crab cake. I’d also like your opinion on Crosstown Donuts because having tried a few, they look great but are usually quite dry. These are the important issues of the day.. clearly πŸ΄πŸ˜€

    • Yeah, there was a crab shack stand there that had some crab cakes. I didn’t get a chance to try them(times like these I wish I had a bigger stomach lol) And Vicky’s Donuts were so amazing and Definitely not dry, they were so moist and fluffy.. which kind of surprised me because I noticed some fluffy donuts are very dry/stale kind of feeling but not Vicky’s.

  3. You had me at fried chicken and donuts! This festival looks like a really fun time! I gotta get myself there someday!

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