The Alchemy Festival cultivates the taste buds in a flavor explosion!

London is full of so many different cultures that your taste palette can have a field day. The Alchemy Festival is a ten-day festival that celebrates South Asia’s lavish culture, with a line-up featuring music, dance, literature, film, fashion, and of course, FOOD. Back for a seventh year in 2016, its program will once again showcase talent from the UK and the Indian subcontinent along with a lively section of street food vendors.

It started with a quick stop at Chaatit for us. She pulled us in with a sample of some delectable Masala Chips made with her homemade seasoning, which she also sells, which you know after tasting that I HAD to buy some to take home. I grabbed myself a Cheesy Masala Chip Wrap —


Hello, delicious carbs! My inner fat kid was super happy.

— and my partner in crime for the day had what Meera told us was what she deemed “Heaven in a bowl.” Before you head into festivities, as we did next, by all means, please stop by their booth and grab either dish to begin your day at the Festival.

Due to some technical issues, I could not get more photos and videos that I had wanted. That certainly did not keep me from enjoying the culture that was shown and embraced around me, from intricate dances performances to teaching the audiences how to play traditional songs to artists doing participation art. The Alchemy Festival is bursting with experiences to relish in South Asia’s culture right smack in the middle of London. But as with all festivals, my favorite part is the cuisine.

If you watched the video above, you saw some of the different stands and food available before my Bloggie decided it wanted to throw a hissy fit. As my partners in crime for the day each went to other vendors having Biryani and Curry Chips, I chose to check out the lovely Anna Mae’s whose menu changes based on the event they are attending. At this event, I tried the Macwari Naan, which was naan stuffed with mac&cheese, spinach, and yumminess packed to the brim


After a bit more walking around, I ended with a stop at the Crumble Shack for my dessert of Crumble, Apples & Cinnamon and Vanilla Custard. It was quite a filling  dessert that to this day I seriously can’t wait to hit their stall again for more. I Finished the day with a Passion Fruit Martini before heading home.

If you ever find your self in Southbank, London while this free event is going on, check it out. I promise it is worth it not just the entertainment but the food  chooses will tantalize your sense.


  1. Looks like such a fun festival!!I wouldn’t have expected to see Mac & Cheese there, but it’s my favorite food for sure! Looks like you ended the day on a nice note too. That Martini looked fab.

  2. My mouth was legit watering when I saw the food. I can see how many people fall in love with India. The dancing and their colorful clothes make the country super lovely!

  3. Oh my gosh the masala chip wrap looks amazing! I’d never heard of the Alchemy festival, but it sounds like an amazing even to attend–full of culture, food and lots of fun! Would love to coordinate a London trip around it!

  4. Oh wow, how have I not heard of this festival when I live in the UK?! It sounds great. I love the thought of your inner fat kid jumping up and down in delight!!

  5. It seems to be a rich and diverse experience and sounds very tasty indeed. Thanks for your advice to check free events in London!

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