Must haves for a Female Traveler

So while traveling, there are things people always warn you about. Watch being pickpocket, watch your drinks, and even more common watch going anywhere alone. While I watch my drink, no matter where in the world I have gone, when I am at home, being pickpocket is not something I worry about, but being in Madrid, I found myself as the victim of tourist pickpocket for the first time. Luckily all that was stolen was a pair of prescription sunglasses.

This was because I was lucky enough to have all my valuables close at hand, thanks to a wonderful new clothing product called the Travel Bra. It is comfortable, and I use it all the time, not just for travel; I find it great for the gym. To check out more about their product line, click here.

Buy Here

After having some pretty horrible experiences with my monthly flow while traveling (and even not traveling), I came across this Moon Cup product. It sold me with the fact that it was not only cheaper in the long run but also greener and less dangerous than tampons.

Read more about both these products on Vocal. 😀


  1. I might have to try this travel bra if I ever travel to a location that is known for pickpocket’ing. When you wore it, did it hurt your shoulders? My shoulders tend to hurt when I wear sports bras and this looks similar to one.

    • I usually have a problem with sports bras cutting into me as well but not this one. It is a razorback design and super comfortable. It never cut into me and I wore it for 3 days straight… sounds gross but thats the life of a traveler for ya. lol

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