Beautiful Gardens and some good Eats

After a great meal at El Escaldron(read more about that by clicking the past article tab), today, we took a walk to the train station to get our tickets to Toledo. I have to say one of the greenest stations I had ever seen, literally. The station has a garden inside and a turtle pond.

After getting our tickets, we head towards Retiro Park. Which I must say is HUGE! We got lost a bit in it, but it gave me plenty of beautiful Pics. DSC00400DSC00410DSC00405DSC00399DSC00403DSC00409

Wild Kitties love the park


We ended our day of sooooo Much walking with some yummy food. We happened to find a delicious Mexican restaurant when we got lost and decided to return there for dinner. I, of course, had to start the meal with a traditional Margarita.

I also had the best quesadilla I have had on this side of the Atlantic. We chowed down on some nachos and ended our day with full bellies and good chatter. Next up, Toledo!

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