A day with Titanic in Madrid

Day three of my time in Madrid. As usual I am taken in by the beauty of the buildings and sights as we walked along. We were blessed with a gorgeous sunny day was we headed to the Titanic exhibit.


Being an exhibit, I opt to not take any videos or photos while inside as some places tend to be rather touchy about that sometimes. But trust me when I say it was magnificent. It was educational, had stories about different passengers as well as let you walk through a real life remake of parts of the ship. You can read more about my trip there under the past article tab.

After we walked across the street to have a drink at the Platea which is a unique gourmet market and bars turned from an old Theatre. If there is one thing I can say about the Spanish, its they know how to relax and lounge. I have yet to visit a place that doesnt have a relaxing environment to sit back and people watch.  We ended the day at Il Pezzo Di Guiseppe where I had a DELICIOUS penne carbonara. All in all it was quite a day.


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