Pet day in Madrid

So today, we decided to walk around to see the different sites was a good idea. I was looking at the fantastic architecture, stopping in for a drink at a rooftop bar above a museum, and then grabbing a snack of cheese stuffed Shrimp as well as watching some street performers.

While the sights were incredible, the best part of the day was the number of pets EVERYWHERE! Pups in coats galore. A friendly local explained that today was the day that people took their pets to a local church to be blessed. But the thing that I love looking at was all the different jackets and scarfs that people dressed their pups of all sizes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There were even cats in jackets. It was adorable. For videos of the day, feel free to check out my Facebook page: Phoenix Girl Rising. Tomorrow I am heading to see the Titanic Exhibit; stay tuned 😀

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