Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

Merry CHRISTMAS!! Ok well it may be a few days late *cough cough* a week. But heck I spent most of 2015 behind, let me hope that in 2016 I am better with deadlines. Not that I ever missed a deadline.. just personal ones. So being in England I was away pretty much everyone I knew in the US. However, I was never alone for the holidays. I spent with them with the bestie and his family.

I heading over a bit earlier and I helped his mum with decorating and wrapping presents. I swear I have become a pro at wrapping thanks to my old job as a preschool teacher… odd the skills you pick up. Anyways back on topic. We headed back the day before xmas eve and spent some nice quality family time with his parents. We watched the “Snowman” on the telly(which was also the play we had watched earlier that month..story to come on that…yeah I am so behind -..-) vegged out and had a few laughs while also catching some star wars marathons.

The next day we heading over to his Uncles with his parents which you can read a bit about it under the past articles tab on the site. I was EXTREMELY nervous but being a rather anxious person… that would be rather normal being around new people. His family welcomed me with many open arms and warm smiles. Good food, Drinks and people all around. So the holidays were very warm and caring.

Now its the new year and its time to see what it brings. I don’t make resolutions because honestly.. if you need a New Year’s Resolution to make positive changes in your life.. then you simply are not ready to make those changes. Thats why so many people fail their resolutions. If you want to make a change THEN DO IT. No excuses. On that happy note. Enjoy your new year and make 2016 anything you want. 😀

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